No home gym?  No problem!  All you really need for a successful at-home workout are a few key pieces of equipment that won’t take up much space at all!  While I love working out at a gym, that is not always possible being a single mom.  When the weather finally warms up, I look forward to resuming my outdoor stroller fitness workouts with my kids in tow, but for now, I have been forced to get creative at home.

Here are my top recommendations for at-home workout equipment that doesn’t take up much space and will be great for you to use with a variety of workouts:


Bands are portable, versatile, low-impact for joints and used for strength training and stretching.  They will help with developing stability and increasing your strength!  You can use them for a multitude of exercises.




Instead of buying dumbbells, buy just one kettlebell that you can use for a variety of full body workouts.  Check out my Full Body Kettlebell workout here.

Yoga mat:

I love having a yoga mat for workouts at home when I need a solid surface and I don’t want to get sweat all over my floor or carpet.  Yoga mats are portable and I also like to take them outside with me for outdoor workouts.  Or, if you go to a gym, it’s a lot more sanitary to take your own mat for stretching or pilates/yoga workouts.

Exercise Ball:

An exercise ball is great for stimulating the muscles in your core.  It helps with posture, balance, stability and strengthening a lot of smaller muscles.  There are so many different exercises you can perform while using the ball.  Not just core!