I’m adding a section to Lindy’s List with restaurant reviews that have a selection of vegetarian and vegan options.  I get asked all the time about my favorite vegetarian and vegan food in Indy or wherever I travel to, so I figured it would make sense to have all the reviews in one spot! 

Tuesday night was my first night going to Mimi Blue for a date night with my man.  My daughter had been a few months ago and kept talking about how amazing their vegan meatballs were.  Devour Indy 2022 is going on and we decided it was the perfect time to try out a new spot and score a great deal on dinner.


There are a couple of locations but we went to the downtown one on Mass Ave. The restaurant was small and stylish on the inside and they are known as a “meatball joint.”  I was surprised to see that they had three different Vegan meatballs on the menu and six different Vegan and Vegetarian sauces for the meatballs.  You order on a piece of paper and can customize the different types of meatballs and sauces you want.  You can also get sliders if you’re in the mood for a sandwich and they have a wide variety of sides that you can share.


I ordered all of the vegan meatballs.  I went with 2 veggie, 1 black bean quinoa and 1 wonderball.  The wonderball is made up of a plant based meat.  I tried the spicy cilantro sauce, garlic cream, and honey sriracha.  The honey sriracha was my favorite.  The marinara was a solid classic and I also really liked the spicy cilantro.  I did not care for the flavor of the garlic cream. I couldn’t believe how good the meatballs were and I honestly couldn’t believe that my wonderball was actually vegan!

We split a side of orzo and veggies which was really delicious!  We had a banana pudding dessert and also had wine with dinner.  Their wine menu was great!


Overall, we had a wonderful experience at Mimi Blue!  The food was delicious and very filling, the service was top notch and I enjoyed the atmosphere.  I will definitely be going back and bringing my kids.  We would probably go to the Keystone location at the Fashion Mall since that is closer.  I honestly don’t think that any meat-eater would even be able to tell that their meatballs were vegan if they ordered the vegan options!  It would be a great place to try out a plant-based meal that tastes just like a non plant-based meal!  Always nice to support a local spot!