Let’s talk hair for a minute. Do you wish you had thicker or longer hair ? Are you a Mom who had that awful post-partum hair loss?
I’ve had extensions for 2 years. I had hair loss after my last baby. I am SO confident in these new products I’ve found, that I took out my extensions + cut my hair and I cannot wait to see my own results! And, y’all can follow along!
It’s simple. . . LIQUID COLLAGEN! ⠀
Walk to the garbage, throw out the powdered collagen, and get your hands on an ingestible, fast absorbing, type 2 collagen + ha matrix that will increase your hyaluronic acid (wrinkle filler) by 6000% in 28 days. There are 4 different types, so be sure to ask me which one you should use.
Try it if you are seeking: ⠀
  •  longer healthier hair ⠀
  • fuller lashes + brows
  •  more radiant skin ⠀
  • that inside out glow (that has people asking you “girllllll, what are you doing?”
  • less joint discomfort
  • to get rid of wrinkles from the inside out ⠀
Give me 28 days! It’s just not comparable.

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