I get asked about my workout routine all the time.  I’m always posting different workout videos and challenges on my Instagram and I get a lot of questions about what it is specifically I focus on.  

My answer to a successful workout regimen has remained the same for quite some time — variety!  Variety is key for seeing results from exercise. You will find that with all the workout programs I offer – everything is different!  

Even when I have followed very specific training regimens, I always make sure to switch up my off day workouts to challenge and train different muscles.  A lot of you know that last Summer I started a 23 week Hybrid Powerlifting program.  I had to take off 2 months due to a back injury, but I did indeed finish the program!  On my off days I would go for runs on use the stairmaster, or pop in a group exercise class like Zumba or a Bosu Ball class. After hybrid powerlifting, I switched it up and did an athletic conditioning program, followed by a  30 day yoga challenge. 

 I am currently completing a 3 week booty challenge, but other than that, I switch up my workouts every day.  I will run with my double stroller and do stroller fitness workouts, athletic conditioning and bleacher runs with my cheerleaders, speed and agility workouts at Sparx Athletic Refinery, strength training at my apartment gym, and bands + abs at home.