On days when I need to quickly get out the door, but still want to leave feeling beautiful, refreshed and glowing, this is my go-to routine! It takes just 5 minutes and all of these products will work with your skin and eyes over time to get better and better!  


Radiant Defense is a liquid skin perfecter that will serve as a lightweight tinted moisturizer and defend against environmental aggressors and UV rays.  It will visibly tone and perfect and there are 10 different shades you can choose from!  It covers up post-acne marks, redness and pores.  I stopped using foundation and powder as soon as I discovered Radiant Defense!

Radiant Defense + Liquid Brush Hand Application


Brow Boost and Lash Boost both make your brows and lashes darker, longer and fuller looking over time.  Brow Boost even makes your brows thicker, darker and fuller looking instantly, as it comes in 4 different shades.  I don’t know what I would do without these products!  Having brows and lashes that look on point every time you leave your house is such a great feeling!